When and where is conference check-in?
*Conference participants will be able to pick up their name tags, conference programs, and drink tickets starting at 8:15, Saturday morning, in 306 Clemens Hall, on UB’s north campus. You can also check in starting at 10:15 outside Knox 110. On the attached map, Clemens Hall is #9; Capen Hall/Poetry Collection is #25; Knox hall is #27.


Do I need a parking pass to park on campus? Which parking lot is closest to the conference?
*On Saturday and Sunday, parking passes are not required. Should you plan to be on campus on a weekday to use Special Collections, contact them for information about how to obtain a parking pass, or write ccmiller@buffalo.edu.
*The closest parking to Clemens Hall is the Baird lot. The closest lot to Knox Hall is Jacobs lot A or B. The closest lot to Capen Hall/Poetry Collection is Jacobs lot A, or the Flint Loop lot.

When and where are the conference seminars?
*All conference seminars will take place concurrently 9am-10:45am on Saturday morning. Seminars are in Clemens Hall. You will receive your seminar room assignment at registration.

When and where are the conference panels?
*Three conference panels + a reading/discussion will take place on Saturday, from 11:15 to 5:30 (with a number of breaks).
*Three conference panels + final discussion will take place on Sunday, from 9am-1:30pm (with several breaks).
All panels take place in 110 Knox Hall.

Will food be provided at the conference?
*A continental breakfast will be provided both Saturday and Sunday at 8:30am; a buffet lunch will also be provided both days.
*There will be a wine and cheese reception at the Poetry Collection on Saturday at 5:30pm. Conference participants will find a drink ticket for the reception in their nametag holders at check-in.
*There will be a buffet dinner before the conference flash poetry reading at Trinity Church on Saturday, beginning at 7pm.
**Please check the restaurant tab for a list of restaurant and bar options in Elmwood and downtown Buffalo.**

What transportation is offered at the conference?
*The conference is located at UB’s North Campus, about 22 min drive from the Elmwood/downtown area in Buffalo and about 15 min from the airport.
*There is complimentary airport shuttle service for the Ramada Inn and the Marriott (in Amherst, near campus) and the Holiday Inn (in downtown Buffalo).
*There is a free shuttle service from the Ramada Inn and from the Marriott to North Campus.
*We have ordered bus transportation from the Holiday Inn (located in very close walking distance from the Best Western) to the conference on Saturday morning, back to the Holiday Inn on Saturday evening, and to the conference on Sunday morning.
*Bus schedule: Saturday, pick up at Holiday Inn– load 7:50; bus will leave promptly at 8:00 a.m.;Saturday, two buses will take participants downtown, leaving Flint Loop (near Capen Hall/Poetry Collection) promptly at 6:20pm and 6:45pm; Sunday, pick up at Holiday Inn–load bus at 7:50; bus leaves at 8:00.
*There will be space on the buses for around 60 people not staying at the Holiday Inn or Best Western to receive a ride downtown saturday afternoon; sign-up sheets will be available on Saturday–first come first served.
*There is also a metro system that runs from downtown, through Buffalo, to UB’s South Campus, where it is met by a complimentary shuttle bus (“The Stampede”), which delivers people to Flint Loop, North Campus. The ride from downtown takes around 45 minutes.
*The Creeley lecture by Nathaniel Mackey will take place at 3:15 Friday afternoon, at the Albright-Knox Gallery, 1285 Elmwood Ave (other events in the celebration of poetry begin at 2:00 p.m.). The Albright-Knox is about 2.5 miles from the Holiday Inn/Best Western. Buses are available going up both Delaware or Elmwood Avenues (a bit of walking involved).
*The community reading at 8pm Friday night at Westminster Presbyterian Church is in walking distance (.2mi) from the Best Western and the Holiday Inn.
The conference flash poetry reading at 8pm Saturday night at Trinity Church is in walking distance (.4mi) from the Best Western and the Holiday Inn.

What is the difference between the two readings associated with the conference?
*On Friday night at 8pm, we will be hosting a poetry reading at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Buffalo. This reading will feature members of the Buffalo poetry community. Conference participants are welcome to attend this event. The Muse Cafe Albright-Knox Gallery reception concludes at 6:00 p.m., leaving time for return to downtown and dinner before the reading, for those who care to attend.
*On Saturday night at 8pm, we will be hosting a flash poetry reading featuring conference attendees at Trinity Church in downtown Buffalo. (Registration for this reading is now closed.) Please also join us for a buffet dinner at the church prior to the reading, at 7pm.

How will the conference’s flash reading on Saturday night be organized?
*Conference participants will receive a list of people reading during the flash reading with their conference programs. Those reading will be notified of the time-window and order in which they will read.
*Participants in the flash reading are invited to read for 2-3min. Given the number of participants, all readers need to be mindful of the time limit.

Is gratis housing still available for the conference?
*Unfortunately, our resources for providing gratis housing have been saturated. However, attendees still looking for lower-priced accommodations are invited to check the Attendees List on the conference website to look for possible roommates.