Poetics: (The Next) 25 Years :: Conference Seminars
Seminars will meet Saturday, April 9, 9:00-10:45am, in Clemens Hall. You will receive your room assignments and a schedule for the conference between 8:30 and 9:00 in Clemens 306.

Post-Crisis Militant Word: Brian Ang & Jeff Derksen, conveners
Poetic Interventions in Past and Future Contingents: Joan Retallack, convener
New Poetic Ecologies: Stephen Collis, convener
Artists Who Write Objects: Patrick Durgin, convener
Translingual Poetics and the Network: Ariel Resnikoff & Orchid Tierney, convener
Active States: Transnational, Post-Nation, and New Relationships Between the
Global and the Local: Matthew Hall, convener
Poetics and Pragmatics, or Bahktin for Tomorrow!: Donato Mancini and Louis Cabri, conveners
New Narrative: Why New Narrative Now?: Rob Halpern and Robin Tremblay-
McGaw, conveners
Contemporary Renovations in Lyric: Megan Kaminski & John Beer, conveners
Conceptualism/Post-Conceptualism: Michael Leong, conveners
Somatics/Illness/Disability: Petra Kuppers & Stephanie Heit, conveners